New York, April 15

The Herald’s special despatch from Charleston says Major Anderson saluted his flag, the company present formed under his command on the parade-ground at the Fort. and marched out on to the wharf with drum and fife playing, “Yankee Doodle.”

During the salute, a pile of cartridges burst in one of the casements, killing two men and wounding four.  One of the killed was buried in the fort with military honors; the other will be buried by the Carolinians.

Providence, April 15

The Military have been call[ed] out, and recruiting is going on with alacrity.  Rhode Island will respond to the call of the Government.

Washington, April 15

Gov. Curtin had an interview with the President and offered him the immediate services of 100,000 men.  Gov. Andrews, of Mass., expected hourly with a similar offer.

Southern despatches state that Beauregard is ordered to Pensacola and an attack will be made on Fort Pickens Tuesday.  But it is thought to be a thing to cover an attack on Washington.  Orders are issuing at P.O. Department to cut off mails in all seceded states.

Gen. Scott’s flag floats on the War Department.  Massachusetts will be urged to hasten the organization of two Regiments, and to despatch them at once by companies for service here.

New York, April 15

The Post‘s Washington Dispatch states that the Cabinet is in session, and a call will soon be made for one hundred thousand additional volunteers.

Albany, April 15

The Assembly this morning took up the bill authorizing the Governor to enroll 30,000 men for the public defence, for two years, unless sooner discharged; these to be officered, organized, and equipped in such a manner as the Governor decides, without regard to existing military districts, and to be in addition to the existing military organization of the state.

As reported in The Constitution, April 17, 1861 (v. 24, no. 1216)